Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Water Bottle Holder

It's getting warmer outside, so I've been riding my bike a lot more, this water bottle holder is so convenient. It's an easy pattern, so here we go. 
I cut two 5 1/2" squares

Stitch 3 sides on both squares

Now cut 1/2 squares out of the bottom corners

Pinch the fabric together and stitch a straight line

It should look like this, now turn one inside out, this will make both the liner and outside have the "good" side of the fabric showing.

On both turn the fabric as you would hemming it

I stitched one side down so I didn't have to deal with as many pins, you don't have to do this, it just makes it easier to manage

Place one inside the other and pin together

For the strap I cut a piece of fabric 2 1/2 x 10", fold both ends about 1/2 in

Now bring both sides together

And together again

Pin all around

Now stitch around the entire strap

Now cut it in half, You will now have two straps, one side will have finished edges and the other with a raw edge

Take the raw edges and place them inside the bag about 1/2, stitch around the edge of the bag

I use a snap tool to had snaps, if you don't have this tool you can use safety pins, or add buttons and a button hole, these snaps are pretty cheap to purchase, and you can find them at Hobby Lobby, or Micheal's.

And here is the finished product.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Sticker Album

I have a confession... I LOVE STICKERS! I love all kinds of stickers, small ones, big ones, shiny, puffy, kawaii, vintage, and I have them all over. I looked online for sticker albums and I can find any that I really want, so I made one. Here's how to do it.
Materials you will need:
5 Pieces of Cardstock, basic printer paper works, but cardstock is thicker and opaque.
String/Ribbon for a closure
Fold your paper in half

On one page measure 1.5" in on both sides

Gather your pages and poke all the way through, if you don't have this tool you can use a needle to pierce it on 1 page at a time

Take thread and secure the pages together.

I tape the thread down so it doesn't move or come undone

Glue the 2 pages together to hid the thread. You could put stickers there to hid it, but I didn't want my stickers to be bent.

There is your basic book. You don't have to use it as a sticker book, it can be used as a mini scrapbook, use it for a zine, or to put movie tickets, basically whatever you can think of,

For extra details take string/ribbon tape it on each side(make sure it's equal on each side or it will close weird)

Add a decorative cover. I used vintage contact paper, but you can use anything.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thrift Haul

I went to one of my favorite thrift stores called St. Vincent's, and look at all my loot! The total cost of all this awesome-possum-ness was less than $7!

Birthday Bear from 1983! This thing is 3 years older than me, and it still looks awesome! I have this thing for Care Bears. Growing up I'd watch the cartoon, and I had Care Bears, In high school I rocked the Care Bear backpack with pride I might add, and Grumpy Bear shoelaces, Oh yes.

Beetlejuice puzzle, all the pieces were inside! I like adding resin on top and hanging them up. I don't think it's tacky!

I bought this 'The Little Mermaid' book just for the Ursula page, I also like framing pages from old books, and who doesn't love Ursula!

Mugs from the 80's.

This Mumu is gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. If you ever find them, buy them! They come in fun colors, and for my body type they look awesome. They are adorable with cardigans, this is my 3rd Mumu, and I'm in love. I found this one in the Halloween costume section for $2! I will for sure be doing an OOTD in this!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The lady or the Cat?

Cardigan: Thrifted
Galaxy Cat shirt: Target, men section
Skirt: Homemade from a vintage sheet
Tights: We heart colors
Shoes: Thrifted
Cat Ears: Claire's

Hello, Dollies! I actually have an outfit post! Yay! I was planning on posting awhile ago but once again I became sick! This time I had to go to the ER, they gave me an IV, and a bunch of test. They treated me for dehydration, and ulcers. It was the most horrible pain, ever! And if you can't tell I've lost 60 lbs.! I wasn't even trying!

We are all getting into the Halloween spirit, even Charlie Pug. in his Halloween pajama's!

In the 'Month of Halloween' a Jack O' Lantern sweater is in need.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Unicorn Brooch

These pins are so easy to make, you can use any image, I love finding interesting pictures from vintage books, I found this Unicorn sticker book for $.10cents!

The materials you need are-
Image, you can use a book, print one, any thing on paper works
Cardboard, recycle!
Bias tape or sticky tape 
Pin Backing

Draw 2 circles next to each other, I used a template on the 1 1/4 circle, then connect with a line.

Cut it out, and trace several more, I used 7.


Now Glue them all together.

And Clamp.

After the glue dries, sand the sides to they are even.

Glue your image and cut off the excess.

Glue your bias tape around the outside, you could also use deco tape, or washi tape.
Glue felt to the back, and add your pin backing. This project took less than 30 minutes including drying time. I also added glitter on the front, Every Unicorn needs to be covered with glitter!